Antique Tunisia Silver & Coral
Finished length: 34” + khamsa 3” high

Tunisia Hamsa Amulet & Coral


    A modern ethnic necklace starring a beautiful antique silver khamsa pendant from Tunisia.


    A heavy sterling silver chain is accented with antique Saharan coral beads from Morocco, antique coins, and 2 additional silver Tunisian pendants.


    The openwork style of these pendants are unique to Tunisia, as well as being highly desirable by collectors and lovers of ethnic jewelry.


    The hamsa hand or khamsa has been renowned throughout history both as a protective amulet and a bringer of blessings, good fortune and good health, and this necklace is an elegant and modern homage to this powerful talisman.


    Finished length is 34” and the hamsa pendant measures 3” in height.


    Timeless and modern, this one of a kind statement necklace is named “Hala” – a Kassite Goddess of healing.


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