Antique Moroccan Coins & Sterling Silver
Finished length: 34" + 2" silver coin pendant

Long Moroccan Coin Necklace


    A long Moroccan antique ethnic silver coin necklace with a stunning heavy old Moroccan silver coin as the centerpiece. The large silver coin pendant is dated 1331 by the Islamic calendar, which is the equivalent to 1913 AD. 

    Designed asymmetrically, one side features one antique silver coin adorned with 3 small silver coins while the other side features another  coin adorned with 3 small coins. All coins are antique silver from Morocco. 

    Designed to hang at center back, is another stunning ethnic silver Moroccan coin dated 1329 or 1902 AD. 

    The sterling silver drawn oval rolo chain is handmade in Bali and all other elements are sterling silver. 

    Tribal yet elegant, this is a quietly “wow” necklace that’s sure to become a classic in your jewelry collection.

    Finished length: 34” + 2” coin pendant

    This beautiful coin necklace is named "Ahurani" - a Persian fertility Goddess who brings prosperity.


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