Antique Silver Hamsas with Coral and Zebra Shells
Finished length: 36" + 3" pendant

Long Hamsa Necklace


    Antique ethnic silver hamsa pendants from Morocco with antique coral, zebra shells and sterling silver chain necklace.


    Three exquisite antique silver hamsa pendants from Morocco are accented with antique Mediterranean coral beads and precious antique black and white “zebra” shell beads from Mauritania. 


    Zebra shell beads are an integral design element in North African jewelry and I was delighted to find a lovely graduated strand of these antique beads on my most recent trip to Morocco. 


    The unusual central hamsa is a double khamsa design from Marrakech and dates to approximately 1940.


    The khamsa is a powerful talisman and a symbol of protection and blessings. Wear this one of a kind hamsa amulet necklace and be triply blessed! 


    Oxidized sterling silver chain and sterling silver elements. 


    Finished length: 36” + 3”’ pendant


    This one of a kind antique hamsa necklace is named "Samantaprabha" - a Buddhist Goddess, whose name means possessing universal splendor. 


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