Antique Moroccan silver coins, antique Tuareg beads, sterling silver
Finished length: 32.5” + center coin pendant 1.5” high

Ethnic Silver Tuareg & Moroccan Coin Necklace


    A long length of tribal silver, this necklace features an antique Moroccan coin pendant and sterling silver oval rolo chain adorned with antique Tuareg tube beads from Mali and 3 more antique silver Moroccan coins.


    The old ethnic silver coins date from 1321 and 1320 by the Islamic calendar, which equates to 1903 and 1902 respectively.


    The coin dated 1321 acts as a connector piece between the 2 Tuareg beads on one side while 2 small coins adorn the opposite side.


    Each of the coins are double-sided and will give slightly different looks depending on which side is worn.


    Old Berber beads, sterling silver elements, and a heavy sterling silver clasp from Sri Lanka finishes this one of a kind necklace.


    Not heavy, but these old Moroccan silver coins have a substantial weight to them. Finished length is 32.5” plus the center coin pendant adds an additional 1.5” in height.


    This one of a kind coin necklace is named "Abeona" who was a Roman Goddess of passage. 


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